Title A multi-model assessment of molecular hydrogen Global Warming Potential
Domain: Natural sciences, Field: Earth science, Subfield: Climate science
Published 2023-05-11
Maria Sand
Ragnhild Bieltvedt Skeie
Marit Sandstad
Srinath Krishnan
Gunnar Myhre
Didier Hauglustaine
Fabien Paulot
Michael Prather
David Stevenson
Hannah Bryant
Dataset (1.18 TB)
This dataset contains model output from five models (gfdl, inca, oslo-ctm3, ukca and waccm6) of experiments exploring the effects of molecular hydrogen on the atmospheric chemistry. All models have performed concentration driven experiments: a base experiment, an experiment with an increased hydrogen concentration (for most models a 10% increase), and an experiment with 10% increase in methane (the latter to explore the indirect effects caused by a hydrogen induced increase in methane lifetime). The gfdl and oslo-ctm3 models also have data for concentration driven experiments. Details on the data outputs and formatting of the data are in the accompanying READMEĆøfile
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Paper in preparation (primary)
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Maria Sand
Data Manager
Marit Sandstad
Marit Sandstad
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