Title Nansen Legacy and Arctic PRIZE sequential sediment trap particle data, collected north of Svalbard from October 2017 to October 2018
Domain: Natural sciences, Field: Biology, Subfield: Marine Biology
Published 2022-09-30
Christine Schumann Dybwad
Yasemin Bodur
Marit Reigstad
Finlo Cottier
Dataset (167.93 KB)
This dataset includes daily vertical export rates (mg/m2/d) of Total Particulate Matter (TPM), Particulate Inorganic Matter (PIM), Particulate Organic Matter (POM), Particulate Organic Carbon (POC), Particulate Nitrogen (PN), Carbon:Nitrogen ratio (C:N), chlorophyll a (chl a), phaeopigments and zooplankton fecal pellets carbon (FPC) from krill, copepods, appendicularians, pteropods and unknown pellets, from long-term sediment traps deployed on moorings north and northeast of Svalbard from October 2017 to October 2018, as part of the Nansen Legacy (UiT, NO) and Arctic PRIZE (SAMS, UK) projects.
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Christine Schumann Dybwad
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Luke Marsden
Christine Schumann Dybwad
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