Title Input and output files from a regional ocean model (ROMS) applied over the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Domain: Natural sciences, Field: Earth science, Subfield: Oceanography
Published 2020-11-11
Kjersti Birkeland Daae
Tore Hattermann
Elin Darelius
Rachael D. Mueller
Kaitlin A. Naughten
Ralph Timmermann
Hartmut H. Hellmer
Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen (GFI/UiB)
Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI)
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia (EOAS)
Dataset (793.26 GB)
Model data set, including input and output. The input data include model grid, forcing files, model specific input files that sets the model parameters, and the compiled verion of the model code. The input files contain both a reference simulation and idealized variations of the reference simulation where we modify the thermocline depth over the continental slope (denoted as TCL200 and TCL400 for thermocline lifts of 200 and 400 m, respectively), the dense shelf water salinity (denoted as LFRESH and SFRESH for a light/strong freshening, respectively), the ocean surface stress (denoted as BRIOS20/BRIOS22 for surfce stress exctracted from the BRIOS model for end of 20th/22nd centuries respectively. The BRIOS model is documented in Hellmer et al., 2012), and for combinations of the scenarios (e.g. TCL200SFRESH). The output data contains monthly mean parameters from model year 15 in each experiment, daily outputs from model year 15 from the reference model run (REF), and a 15 year spinup of the reference model simulation (with 15 day-averaged fields). The model experiments where restarted from year 10, and the monthly outputs are given in files that are typically called "ocean_avg_0006.nc", which refers to year 6 after restart (model year 15).
Science publication
Published : DOI: 10.1029/2020GL089237, Citation: Daae, T. Hattermann, E. Darelius, R. D. Mueller, K. A. Naughten, R. Timmermann, and H. H. Hellmer, (2020). Necessary Conditions for Warm Inflow Towards the Filchner Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea. Geophysical Research Letters (primary)
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Kjersti Birkeland Daae
Data Manager
Bjerknes Climate Data Centre (BCDC)
Rocio Castano Primo
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