Title Observations and ensemble statics of the TOPAZ4 reanalysis of 1991-2013
Domain: Natural sciences, Field: Earth science, Subfield: Oceanography
Published 2017-02-10
Jiping Xie
Dataset (26.96 GB)
This dataset is collective static information outputted by the TOPAZ4 reanalysis in 1991-2013. They include the assimilated observations and the concerned optimization information using the EnKF. Also they are ones of the basic reference datasets for the paper of “Quality assessment of the TOPAZ4 reanalysis in the Arctic over the period 1991–2013” accepted by Ocean Science in January 2017. The file ensemble-static-TOPAZ4-part0.tar.gz contains files before 20000 (Julian day relative to 1/1/1950) and ensemble-static-TOPAZ4-part1.tar.gz contains files after 20000.
Science publication
Accepted for publication : URL: http://www.ocean-sci-discuss.net/os-2016-38/os-2016-38.pdf (primary)
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